My ways are not your ways –

My ways are not your ways –

Some may call it bad luck, to which I say read this, other may say it just wasn’t meant to be today, to which I say yes that appears to be true, yet others may say that the plans we have aren’t always aligned with the plans that God has, and that He knows what He’s doing and is in control – and that is how I’m looking at it.  Mom and I have had these conversations before – where planned activities or medical treatments have had to be cancelled, or when we get a “bad” nurse or when things just aren’t working out as we want –  and this is something we try to remind ourselves of, that our plans aren’t always God’s plans and vice versa. But if we don’t trust that God’s in control, what do we have left? It’s a work in progress to have the faith and trust even when it’s so hard to accept or understand at times!

The 3rd treatment did not happen today according plan. Instead, mom was in such severe abdominal pain on Wednesday night that they went to emergency to get it checked out. Dad and Maria pulled an all nighter at the ER while waiting for various tests to take place and results to come back. It never seems to be a simple thing to figure out, as so many factors are at play and intertwined that it’s hard to separate. The current concerns are that mom has diverticulitis (a flare up of an existing chronic condition called diverticulosis which affects the colon) and also severe constipation (typical and concerning for someone on opioids). By the time I got to the ER in the early morning, we were waiting for a bed to become available upstairs so that she can be admitted. Just as we were being moved upstairs, Sasha arrived and she stayed to get mom settled in.

…And so another little unexpected turn takes place in our plans, since this means today’s chemo appointment at the BCCA needed to be postponed. Mom needs to stay at the hospital until this acute problem is resolved so we aren’t able to plan ahead to reschedule the 3rd chemo treatment at this time. There were a few doctor and nurse visits this morning already and various efforts are being made to relieve mom’s pain and discomfort. We the family, are doing our best to take turns being at the hospital, not just for company but to advocate for mom, especially when she’s not in the best condition to advocate for herself. We are diligently making notes of medications, advice, assessments and comments that take place. We have found it very difficult and frustrating when information doesn’t seem to get passed on accurately between staff, or even when we, the family, don’t have enough information to advocate for the best possible care for mom. Our log helps all of us stay on the same page and have a place to refer to when a doctor or a nurse come and ask questions about things we cannot possible retain when there are so many moving pieces.

I will be seeing mom later today and will provide updates as is possible. We thank you for your well wishes and prayers which help us all very much.

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