Surgery Update –

Surgery Update –

Mom’s surgery took place around 3pm today and she has been in recovery until just a little while ago when she was brought back to her room again.

Briefly, we were told it was quite a complicated surgery as there were a number of factors impacting the course of action that the surgeons had to take. Mom had an ileostomy done and we were told not to be surprised if an infection develops at some point in her recovery. Mom’s pain is currently being managed through the IV and she is being closely assessed and monitored in her room tonight – with a family member at her side at all times of course 🙂 yup she can’t get rid of us, and in all seriousness, I know right now this is what keeps her feeling safe and able to focus on her recovery.

Tonight I cannot say enough about the surgical team that made this happen for mom and for us. What has transpired over the last two days to make this happen is in itself a miracle. This is not lost on any of us. My faith in humanity is reaffirmed as I reflect on Dr. M and Dr. V who took mom and us under their care as though she was family.

Today I leave you with just this short update and I hope to share more information in the coming days.

Our family also kindly asks that no visitors come to the hospital unannounced. Please reach out to dad or myself if you are thinking of visiting mom. We can see she is needing quiet rest for the next few days so she can get stronger. She is a resilient woman but the suffering she has endured recently has the potential to break the best of us.

Once again we thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts and for participating in the prayer chain for mom’s well-being. It is an outpouring of love and support that strengthens us all. She told me last night (after another painful procedure) just how much she appreciates it and how much she needs it. She expresses her thanks to you.

We are grateful to God and to each one of you.

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